December 26, 2010

is it your heart speaking
or your fear
of this mirror.

in tongues.

it is a death
that follows me through the city
the dark depth of wind
whipping garbage up my skirts.
around the corner they fly
like snow
and memory.
and handsome
and nothing to me.
for i am lost without you.
you whose touch is a feast
even being a stranger.
and loveless.

i weep.

perhaps i am the fool
but i stay open and steady
to what i believe
until it leaves...


December 24, 2010

i have seen a man completely.

lover liar artist fool
friend father

and the complete picture
made me love him more

and he has erased me for it.

In Reply, to Ainjel
BUT you do have
a gorgeous face
the memory
"the greatest ass i have ever seen"... recently texted to me by a friend i just introduced you to.
a perfect handful
monstrous talent
pretty dresses
the kindest eyes i have ever looked into.
and for the record
my friendship forever

December 19, 2010

i can only love a man who kisses me with a mouthful of poetry.
every other kiss is an execution

take his rusty lips
quietly tattooed
lovely flow and spill and spark and run and want and laugh
my love
your mouth so used
is still my fresh horse.

December 18, 2010

no worries------------------------i hope you are worried
oh ok -----------------------------thanks a lot asshole
um ok-----------------------------i don't understand why you are such an asshole
no big deal-----------------------you blew it
hmmmm-------------------------please stop saying what i don't want to hear and start saying what i do want to hear
i understand---------------------i don't understand
i get it----------------------------i don't get it
cool------------------------------not cool
that's fine------------------------you have ruined everything
c u around------------------------i'll be checking your twitter and facebook every 7 minutes for the next 3 months
good luck out there--------------may a string of bad luck hit you and drive you back into my arms.
it's all good----------------------i'm too good for you

December 14, 2010

would like to hold my heart underwater
rob it
and let its gifts fly away

December 11, 2010

The others
courage took action
and i looked.
and i saw us
we were the same-
innocent suspects.
a moonlit line up
for the thief
who picked all of us.

we make a mad circle
of true love.
we are linked together.
true believers
ribbons pinned.
the same-
blue ribbons.
we are each as wildly
in love with a lie
as the other.
we are lovers.

December 9, 2010

One two
i used to take numbers
dream numbers
i heard threes in the fuzz
at morning
as it broke open
as it broke up with night
i also heard nines
under bath water
as i drowned myself
and my battlegrounds out.

once, i heard two
me. and you.
we were the only one.

December 8, 2010

i drive to work
at dawn and in the dark
thinking about you.
your opposite eyes
and comic strip lips
your mouth full of declarations.
i think about our last kiss.
and the photograph of it
it is the only thing i saved.
it says everything you have forgotten
and everything i believe
and still
hold so very dear to me.

December 1, 2010

I could plant flowers
(today) i could
break dance
break hearts
beat someone up
fall in love
steal your boyfriend
flirt with disaster
run away
come clean
do the right thing
cry my eyes out
sleep around
show up
fuck off
change my mind
be beautiful
sleep all day
slap your stupid face
kiss it better
sing every word i speak
love you again
i could.