May 15, 2011

my fingers ache with words i can't say.
the tremble is love
and deep loss
and you flying away.

you have seen me at my emptiest
now tuck me back into my blue jay nest.
the trees will grow up around me

goodbye is for suckers
and i'm getting used to this.

May 11, 2011

earth silence..
the machines are making all the noise.
the mustard sky keeps changing it's mind .
for over and over it went,
it went into ragtime.

these tics are a dance-off on my cheekbones.
regret like a loosening jawline.
wake up senorita
you are hook line and mission impossible.

keep telling me things.
a need to know is burgeoning
when so recently i knew everything
and now such nothing.
i think about this for five clicks
from the kitchen. no more thinking.
let's know nothing.

May 2, 2011

The fall
my body remembers how to fall.
at first it is a confusion
i am upside down or not
i spit to see.

but then the knowing
that full moment when i accept
that i am in fact dropping.

that i don't control the speed
that i don't control the stars
there are no decisions in a falling
just spinning. and waiting.
for the violence of a landing.