October 25, 2011

a wave of stars
smashed up against your word
trash talk
dreams i can't remember anymore.

we were so long ago.
french kissing in the car
our eyes met on a thin line of lightning
our bodies jagged electricity
like how one travels down a mountain.

you are the son of your own destiny
and i am something else,


October 18, 2011

Hurricane katrina
jesus loves whores
so you are forgiven by someone.

don't be flattered,
your sins are not original.
god did not put a third step between your two step
and my love. on blue and broken feet.
green fields you plowed through,
were picture windows blown out.
lives are so tender! i shout,
you broke the glass animal that was my heart.

smug bitch,
where are your words of wisdom now?
i divorce your quiet
with my own confessions
on this unsigned document
of the truth.

my superpower is love.