July 25, 2011

i want skinnier legs.
i am all human.
i am perfect.
i hate myself.
i thank God for what i have.
i am full of opposites.
i am in the trenches and high as a kite.
and low drowning in the river
and skating on fragile ice.
i am nothing
and if not everything
sigh. i want skinnier legs.

July 23, 2011

we ran in tight circles
that stretched into serpentines,
ribbon candy and sparrows.

we parked behind the Toys R Us
in the air conditioned car.
we split a sandwich
and put our sunglasses on the dash.

we watched the greenbelt do the wave,
the clouds demonstrating their talent.
the trees like people in stadium seats
a sweep of shadow crossing the wooded valley
leaving behind a gulley
flush with light.

sometimes romance
is a surprise exhibition from clouds.

July 8, 2011

i haven't blogged in awhile. i'm busy. certainly not less to say.. but i've been putting it into songs rather than poetry. also i have no internet at my apartment right now. which is awesome! which sucks!

i'm working at the coffee shop again. i am a grateful barista. the money is good, the customers are beautiful and i drink coffee all day. it is a very good situation.

the band is playing lots of shows and we are getting better and better. i love those guys. they have given me my heart back. every show we do i feel happier and happier. it is like life has been breathed back in me.

i am waking up with songs in my mouth. there is a marching band on a loop through me.. making circles of my thoughts.. making stories of my circles.. making songs from scratch.