July 27, 2010

Because i am needy
i will need a few things from you...

Call me by my name.
Listen to my stories sometimes.. even though they annoy you sometimes.
Tell me your truth
not the truth i want to hear
but the truth you are living.
Let me explain something if i know more about it than you.

Kiss me a lot.
If you need more kisses please tell me.. with your lips..
Ask me to do things for you.  i need to be reminded.

Understand that i'm terrified.  of almost everything.  until i am brave.
and then i am very very brave.
Play me ragtime on the piano.

Love me until you don't.

don't be angry when i say things like, "love me until you don't."

Wear the red pants.
Tell me your dreams even when i'm tired.  
Come over tonight and hold my hand on the couch.

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