September 6, 2010

something about tonight was perfect.  it started with the unicorn twilight raspberry sherbet sky.  it was ridiculous.  then Wilco's
smile all the time came on the car stereo.  that's the moment i realized that something about tonight was perfect.  
i was driving east on fifth st. and trying to take a picture of the dropping pink horizon's reflection in my Frost building.  Half of it was the color of melted rhubarb and the other half was a gothic steel grey.  that's like my personality, i thought.  i was giggling as i snapped the photograph while rolling a reckless five miles an hour towards the stopped suburban just ahead of me at a red light.  i really wanted that picture.  but the picture i didn't get was even better.  
sometimes the thing that fits in the place we were trying to squeeze the thing that we didn't get can be so freaking beautiful. 

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