October 5, 2010

the outsider.
i don't care
if i'm within
the circle.

i don't care
if i'm heard.
or well known,
respected or

i don't care
if i'm invited.
or added.
or friended
and befriended.
or defriended.
i don't care anymore

if my ticks show
if my voice cracks
if i am stupid
or crazy or last
in a long line of fools.

i don't care
if the nerves show
if my face reddens
or if the hives grow.
i don't care
if my heart beats
through my fucking chest
so hard you can see it.
i will tear out this silicone ribcage
to show you the mechanics of loving this deep.
you can look... or not...
i just don't really care.

but i do really care about you.


Ryan Buck said...

This kind of love is the most courageous love of all. I hope more of us can have such courage.

suitkacy said...

thanks for reading it. your blog is intense and beautiful. i love your drawings.

Ryan Buck said...

A return thanks you for reading my stuff. And a double thanks for the artistic compliment.