February 6, 2011

The promise
i have learned so many lessons.
they have come at me
like knives-
me the spinning wheel-a-girl.
with the closed eyes.
determined to be experienced
i held a shimmy grip as i climbed
the authority of the wind
pulling at me like a riptide
leaving pieces of my insides
that i wore on the outside
on the mountainside.
i made a bed of rocks
and ran back towards the shortcut
only to find a desert
dried and moonless.

one set of footprints
one year of thirst.

i have been thrown.
and drowned.
dragged lifeless to the shore
and forced back down
only to jump in
the shark rigged water
the dark ring.
i crawl home again
bruised and bleeding


but he is a gentle lesson.
a sweet reminder
that life is a kiss on the steps.
life is a constant beginning
it is unexpected innocence
it is.
that you can expect
you never would have believed it
if promised.
which it is.
i promise you. you are innocent.

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