January 14, 2012

i don't know who my tears are for.
they arrive unlabeled,
room temperature tripping
a child falling down the slopes
of this frozen face.

i cry for you
i think.
for your fire
for your disappearance
for your defiance
i cry for you
i think.
for your bold escape
like a prayer.
i think.
i'll save you a tear
i'll write your name on it
in mascara.
i think
i'll say things to God for you.
i'll tell him about your hair
and how soft it is
how you clean your sneakers
how you hold my paniced hand
instinctively.  how you ask me to relax.
how you look into our air and see music.
how human you are.
how i battle my heart
to not love you
but i do,
i think.
and all these tears are for you.
i think.

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