June 24, 2010

i don't know why 
i care so much
blow the dust off my fingers
lick the stamp mail the letters.
love is
the point of no return
just like that we're bound for life
star crossed on a starless night.
we belong in a pipe dream
in a paint box
we belong somewhere no sun 
will ever bleach us
after all these years
we're still worth something
like fine, fine furniture.

i don't know how
but i remember it all
like it was yesterday
like it was tomorrow.
you try 
harder than anyone i know
you left and i left too
back then
i didn't know how to hurt you.

we belong in a window
in a shoe box
we belong somewhere
no one can ever use us
do you know you are 
still good underneath?
like fine, fine furniture.

i pray a little harder tonight
for the people that i love tonight
they're falling apart slowly
covered around me.

we belong in a frame 
in a cigar box
we belong somewhere 
no one can ever sell us
rest your heart i am still standing here..
we belong in a hope chest
in a locket
we belong somewhere 
no one will ever lose it.
after all these years
you still belong to me
like fine, fine furniture...

copyright 1999
(from the "Anywhere But Here" soundtrack)

1 comment:

Alice who haven't seen a wonder yet said...

I love this song and i was looking for the lyrics for years. Thanks to you i found it. I still have a hope to find mp3 of this song one day :)