June 20, 2010

One note
the portrait is aching
the moon is half empty
a star is trembling streaking shooting 
through your hair.
i lose you in God
i listen and hear voices
this world is a simmering pot.
such a simmering pot.
i can't tell you anything anymore
i can't sing or fall apart
the terrible two's
of a threesome 
a long shot a hot bed
that was a close call
and i still feel it between my legs
the wheel spinning
the knife throwing

i found the scapular behind his knee
he was kneeling so close to me 
i caught the slightest sense of it
my arrow pounced my back broke
my heart opened again
i am growing
and talking to my dead grandmother
who comes to me as a flower
a simple and potent gardenia  
one note.