March 25, 2011

i sink back
into the tank
where all heart is delivered.
wounds deepen
my voice becomes hoarse
like a child's voice
from crying out.

i found a diving board in you
a form of pain relief
dumb luck
siting the page you arrived on
shirtless and kissing.

i've taken more than my share
but in the end time will even the wage
nothing is unfair
or everything is unfair. it's the same.
it's death then life then death then life
born into reborn and buried for that birth.
will my life be this grid of no i don't
but in that square i did
such drunken measurements
are on the high side again.
where is God when you are making these decisions kid?
where is God this morning?

simple ghosts
nail beds, tapping
shoulder, tongue, lips
the notes of a prayer

i can say anything
and everything here.
this dream is lush.

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