May 8, 2012

"Write Him Off" recorded May 2012 at Flipnotics (courtesy of DaveTeeVee).  That's Ray Prim and Patrice Pike with me!


Ryan Buck said...

Your songs are life-rafts in this ocean of heartbreaking existence. Truly wonderful and I hope you never stop singing and writing.

P.S. I also hope that a new album is in the works...?

suitkacy said...

thank you Ryan. that really means a lot to me. i hope i never stop writing and singing too. that would be a rough time.. :-) i haven't starting working on a new cd yet but i'm close to being ready for that!

Kiana C said...

Hi, I love your music. I have a soft spot for hauntingly beautiful emotional songs. I was wondering if it were possible for you to add some live footage of you singing "Loneliness Stings" or add the lyrics somewhere? So far, "Don't Tell Me To Smile," "Loneliness Stings," "Kind of Perfect" and "Cave" are on a list for possible inclusions for a tv idea I have. I'm still in the fetus stage of fleshing out a script first, so I would be sure and ask you for permission before ever using your songs. I just work backwards sometimes. It helps me envision the characters.

P.S. I would've sent this to you directly but couldn't find a "contact me" link on your website's main page.